Sunday, October 29, 2006

These Filthy Aliens!

“The government should know who owns our voting machines; that is a national security concern,” said Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, Democrat of New York, who asked the Bush administration in May to review the Sequoia takeover.

It is so simple:
Voting machines made by shady US company = OK
Voting machines made by shady Venezuelan company = Not good
U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties - New York Times

Happieness Act

I'm having a vision of the future...
Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lay in a valley far, far away in the mountains the most contented kingdom the world has ever known. It was called Happy Valley, and it was ruled over by a wise old king called Otto. And all his subjects flourished and were happy, and there were no discontents or grumblers, because wise King Otto had had them all put to death, along with the trade union leaders, many years before. And all the happy folk of Happy Valley sang and danced all day long, and anyone who was for any reason miserable or unhappy or who had any difficult personal problem was prosecuted under the Happiness Act.
YouTube - Monty Python - Fairytale (1/2)
YouTube - Monty Python - Fairytale (2/2)

From IT support to Interrogation in Iraq?

And paid for by the US Department of the Interior???
Question: Why and when did CACI get into the business of providing interrogators?

Answer: For a number of years CACI has provided IT support and services, including information collection and data analysis, to the U.S. Intelligence Community and the military. Interrogation services were an extension of that work, which CACI provided in response to a request by the U.S. Army, which did not have sufficient, available personnel for assignment to the Iraqi theater at the onset of the war. In August 2003 CACI responded to the Army's request for these services by identifying and hiring qualified individuals with previous experience in information gathering and analysis.

These services were initially provided under a contract issued by the Department of Interior in August 2003. In August 2004 the U.S. Army took the initiative to directly issue CACI a contract to continue providing interrogation services. CACI continued to provide interrogation services under that contract until it expired in the early fall of 2005.

CACI is proud of its efforts to support the U.S. mission in Iraq and the broader effort to fight terrorism.
Does every Fortune 100 company act like this? If so, the Google motto "Don't be evil" will get a whole new meaning...

CACI in Iraq - Frequently Asked Questions

By the way, these guys "help" Telcos in the EU comply with the EU Data Retention Directive.
CACI, in partnership with SenSage and EMC², are running a FREE half-day interactive workshop, with guest speaker, Simon Watkin, Head of the Home Office Covert Investigation Policy Team.

The workshop will demonstrate the SenSage/EMC security compliance solution and how it applies to the EU Data Retention Directive.

About the Workshop

Simon Watkin will provide an overview of the development of the Government's policy on, and the legal basis for, the retention of communications data.

Following this, the workshop will demonstrate how the Sensage / EMC solution delivers the most advanced data security software solution in the market, providing telcos and ISPs with a lower cost means to support compliance and enables law enforcement agencies to quickly access information to pinpoint and prosecute terrorist activity and other serious crime.

We will demonstrate a live Proof of Concept system that:
  • Is retaining one hundred billion call records online with immediate access
  • Provides full data analysis capability
  • Offers exceptional data loading and querying performance
  • Scales up to meet future expansion requirements
  • Provides a fully secure, easily manageable, data environment for lower Total Cost of Ownership
CACI Events - EU Data Retention and Data Security Workshop
EU Data Retention and Data Security, ey? I feel safer already from these Muslim Terris and Pedophiles...
(via CACI Events - EU Data Retention and Data Security Workshop">Postman Patel)

Hold still! We bring you freedom and democracy!

The Americans also set up a checkpoint 2km away where they confiscated cell phones with built-in cameras because travelers on their way to the village of as-Saidat would be able clearly to see the wrecked armored vehicles.
Devastating Attack Destroys US Falcon Base Striking A Severe Blow To US Forces : SF Indymedia

Bilderberg Group and Angela

List of Bilderberg attendees
Angela Merkel (2005)

Bilderberg Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of Bilderberg attendees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And in related news: Alex Jones arrested while traveling to the meeting of the Bilderberg Group.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Winter Patriot: What Is The Difference Between This And Terrorism?

Winter Patriot: What Is The Difference Between This And Terrorism?

Muslims with ideas, but no explosives or chemicals
= conspiracy to murder

(I can not call what they had a "plan")

Ex-BNP members with ideas, chemicals and explosives
= possession of an explosive substance for an unlawful purposes

(I don't know what plans they had, so I leave it at "ideas")

Every state seems to be blind on its right eye, it is the same in Germany, as in the US, as in the UK, as in every other state.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The US don't need enemies

They produce their own terror.
Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birmingham Six, Maguire Seven, Guildford Four

The Birmingham Six were six men—Hugh Callaghan, Patrick Hill, Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and John Walker—sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975 in an infamous miscarriage of justice for two pub bombings in Birmingham, England on November 21, 1974 that killed 21 people.

The Maguire Seven case was an infamous event of wrongful conviction in the United Kingdom. Their story, along with that of the Guildford Four, is told in the film In the Name of the Father.

The Guildford Four were a group of people (Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Patrick 'Paddy' Armstrong and Carole Richardson), who were wrongly convicted in the United Kingdom in October 1975 for the Provisional IRA's Guildford pub bombing - which killed five people and injured sixty-five more - and imprisoned for over 15 years.
They were arressted by the same police apparatus, convicted by the same judiciary system like all these muslim "terrorists" today...

Birmingham Six - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maguire Seven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Guildford Four - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"American public speakers, in American jails, for things they said about America."

Olbermann: 'Beginning of the end of America' - Countdown with Keith Olbermann -

On the IRA, Nazis, Osama, Ireland and London

London and the rest of the UK were targets for IRA bombs for getting on 25 years, yet I can't remember any point over that time when our establishment came anywhere near to encouraging hysteria or vilifying communities in the way it is doing today. Nor do I recall any suggestions of invading Eire, carpet bombing Dublin or the wholesale 're-education' of Irish Catholics living on the mainland.

Famous for 15 megapixels: Correction

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kill Bush!

Two Secret Service agents arrived at their Land Park home about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, Kirstie Wilson said. They told her they wanted to speak with her daughter about threats to the president that she had posted on MySpace.

News - U.S. agents question teen -

Password here:

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Prouder every day that I didn't end up at Adobe

Chizen sounds as though he’d be happy selling any sort of software, and it just happens that his company sells design and publishing apps. His passion isn’t for creating great products; it’s for convincing us that Adobe’s products are great.

Daring Fireball: Brand New