Monday, August 30, 2004

Heretics Forum

You have all seen Dilbert? The manager is normally sticking to some sort of management dogma but screwing it all up. If you want to see the theory behind all this, go to the Heretics Forum.

One nice excerpt:

Program reviews that focus on getting back on track are typical in process-centric worlds. When they find the experience different than the schedule, practitioners ask "what now?" while processors ask "why are we off schedule?"

  • Practitioners keep the target in focus while processors keep the path to the target in focus.
  • Practitioners are pulled by their vision while processors are pushed by their deadlines.
  • Practitioners are alert for other means to achieve the same end- and may question the end as well.
  • Processors look for additional resources to maintain the schedule, and often forget that the map should be disposable.
  • Practitioners blaze trails, processors stick to the rails.
  • Practitioners practice. Processors "continually improve."
  • Practice builds judgement. Process reinforces following.

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