Monday, January 09, 2006

PowerCore 2.0

Plug-ins view – it’s pretty important to have a clear picture of the optional TC plug-ins and what the status of them is. This view gives you information about the type, status and action for the individual plug-ins in the system.
What the fuck?
... one push of a button let’s you automatically check for updates.

All-in-one installer

Demo Bonanza
Now, that is nice.

But can someone explain me the PowerCore Unplugged? Does this product make sense?


Anonymous said...

Powercore stopped being interesting a good while ago. It's a pity TC started doing updates that only benefit TC and not the customers. Well, I suppose the demo bit is good.

Anonymous said...

Unplugged means that it comes without plugins. If the Sony plugins is all you are interested in, then buy them plus an Unplugged. If you already own a PowerCore, it is also sufficient to buy an Unplugged as a second PowerCore, because then everything runs on both cards.