Wednesday, February 01, 2006 Blog: The truth behind the Flickr and acquisition

In reality however a big company can't do anything in 24 hours. It will take a week just to get a meeting with the first person of the 100 people you need to reach and convince if you want to do anything. And then there are budgets, targets and other projects that take up all resources or seem to be more important to the CEO or your manager. Blog: The truth behind the Flickr and acquisition


Anonymous said...

For the most part, I agree with the article. HOWEVER, when a large company like Yahoo! wants to aquire another company, the initial process is quick.

Yahoo! knows that it wants to evolve. (Clearly, Yahoo! wants to establish itself as a 2.0 company.) When money is coupled with desire, the initial process of aquisition is quick and clear. So quick, in fact, it can be a little hairy.

Things don't grind to a crawl until the deal is made.

"Now what?"

"Um...well, we need a series of meetings and blah blah jargon blah."

t-mix said...

Yes, the real question is, how can Yahoo KEEP the spirit they bought?

Anonymous said...

They can't. The spirit gets sucked into oblivion by megacorp.