Saturday, October 21, 2006

Birmingham Six, Maguire Seven, Guildford Four

The Birmingham Six were six men—Hugh Callaghan, Patrick Hill, Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and John Walker—sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975 in an infamous miscarriage of justice for two pub bombings in Birmingham, England on November 21, 1974 that killed 21 people.

The Maguire Seven case was an infamous event of wrongful conviction in the United Kingdom. Their story, along with that of the Guildford Four, is told in the film In the Name of the Father.

The Guildford Four were a group of people (Paul Hill, Gerry Conlon, Patrick 'Paddy' Armstrong and Carole Richardson), who were wrongly convicted in the United Kingdom in October 1975 for the Provisional IRA's Guildford pub bombing - which killed five people and injured sixty-five more - and imprisoned for over 15 years.
They were arressted by the same police apparatus, convicted by the same judiciary system like all these muslim "terrorists" today...

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Apprentice said...

Two close friends were killed in the Birmingham bombings. Thanks for remembering, Tony.

t-mix said...

I can only offer you my deepest sympathy.

What really feels strange, is that I was born on that day. I kind of used the 21 as my "lucky number".

Has there been any change, to prevent these kind of wrongful convictions?

I sometimes wonder how it was for my mother while she was pregnent with me, with all that terror in the seventies. But I feel like nothing has changed and the state is still using all this to introduce its own agenda, not "make this world a safer place", more to make it a safer place for the people in power.

I sometimes wonder why most people just don't seem to care.

Jim said...

Tony, I offer my sincere apologies. I have made an official apology for my failures in this case.It has haunted my life.