Friday, March 31, 2006

Mobile Phones - What would Steve Jobs do?

There are new speculations about an possible Apple mobile phone. While I don't know how realistic that is, I have a guess what Apple will do, if they should release an Apple phone.

If you take a look at the two core business Apple is involved - The Macintosh computer and the iPod/iTMS (iTunes Music Store) - you will see that Apple is offering an (almost) complete one-stop solution for the end-user. Need an home-office? You'll get everything except the printer from Apple (and they even sell you an Non-Apple printer in their online store). You like to listen to music? You get everything from Apple, including the music. (Ok, not those bulky speakers some people like)

And if Apple should go into the mobile phone business, they will not stop at the 'device'. Apple is going to make sure, they can offer a complete solution. The ROKR teached them one lesson: Apple needs to be in control of the entire user experience. Motorola may be technically able to create an iPhone, but when it comes to an complete user experience, they seem to be clueless.

So Apple needs to create the iPhone by itself. Apple can not rely on big shot partner, because all the players in the mobile phone business have agendas of their owns. They don't care for Apple and will stop a cooperation if they like.

And the ROKR showed them one more thing: If an mobile carrier doesn't likes your hardware, bad luck, forget about selling it. And if an mobile carrier sees your phone as an threat to their music selling plans, bad luck, better change your software, so it sucks more than theirs. And of course, you can forget about offering something like the iTMS without giving the mobile carrier a large share. The mobile carriers are blood sucking vampires. There is not free market.

So would Apple do?

If they will offer an iPhone, there will be an iCarrier. Steve Jobs will not allow its business to be under a constant threat by the mobile phone carriers.

So, what does it mean, that Apple buys a datacenter built for MCI? Well, maybe there will be an iPhone.

Think Secret - Apple iPhone soon? Not likely.

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Anonymous said...

An Apple iFōn will have to pack a lot of features to pass. If it is just an iPod with telephony...that wont be enough. Besides, the quality of mobile phone service in the USA *sucks* by comparison to European options. Will Apple release a product that integrates with one of the worst infrastructure in the world? It would reflect poorly on Apple.