Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Two Attas - And how the Czech could do what the US couldn't

Seems like the Czech were able to prevent a terrorist attact early in 2001 - without a "war on terrorism". Simply be using standard counterintelligence.
The BIS [Czech counterintelligence service] did what counterintelligence service do in such circumstances: they sought to penerate the Iraq Embassy by recruiting Arabic-speaking employees familiar with its operations.

But it goes on:
Less than a week after Ruzek shared the BIS’ secret information with American intelligence, it was leaked. ... Ruzek was furious. He consider[ed] what he had passed on to the FBI to be unevaluated raw intelligence, and the disclosure of it not only riskedt compromising the BIS’s penetration in the Iraq embassy but it greatly reduced the chances of confirming it.

So this tells me, that US "counterintelligence" is a bunch of idiots.
The Mystery of Prague

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