Sunday, November 26, 2006


financial experts who try to trace terrorist funding around the world
Telegraph | News | Working on the internet from an anonymous city office, the shadowy figures exposing Islamic extremism

What means does a "financial expert" have to to trace "terrorist funding"? Does he steal information from the banks? Or does he buy information from the terrorists? I don't get it.

And gaining the trust of terror organisations to infiltritrate their chat rooms (!) seems like big piece of PR bullshit to me. Yeah, sure, they tell all their secrets to strangers in a chatroom, just because these strangers have "gained their trust". Yeah, right.

He set up the internet sting which last week saw Omar Bakri Mohammed praise the London 7/7 bombers on the internet.
Wow, what a blow the terrorist plans. We can live free of fear.
Bakri, who now lives in Beirut, also appeared to advocate a terrorist attack on Dublin airport.
That should teach the Irish to better join the war on terror fast, or else.

Before working for Vigil Mr Jenvey infiltrated the Tamil Tigers while working for the Sri Lankan High Commission in London in the 1990s.
Did he do this via the internet too? I imagine the Tamil Tigers are very tech savy, using the net in the 1990s from the Sri Lankan jungle.

(via fefe, in German)

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