Saturday, November 06, 2004

Computer Refurbished

It had to be done. I done some computer changes. I bought the computer case Silentium T1 from Arctic Cooling, which is quite nice and quite quiet :-) Certainly not top-notch, but enough for my needs. The old computer case, which I bought three years ago (!) (when I had no money at all) just needed to go - It was way too loud. The new case even has a little suspended compartment for the harddrive. Simply nice.

Then I fitted a CPU which is twice as fast as the old one. The new CPU did get a cooler from Arctic Cooling as well. While doing this, I got rid of the internal ZIP drive I wasn't using anymore.

And to give it a nice finishing touce, I finally moved from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. The CD I bought today even has SP2. How thoughtful. I was only missing one IE update (which was zero kB!) and the virus scanner. I got the free-av scanner, which I'm using for ages now and integrates with XP nicely. I hope now that my computer won't get infected again.

And I moved the refurbished system to my living room. I can keep an eye on the TV or listen to music while doing some computer work. Next I will hook my PC up to my stereo and TV to play some CMR2. Lets see if I can get it to work with XP...

In fact, the new system is quiet enough, that I don't mind it runing in the living-room. You can hear it, when I turn off the music or the TV, but it is quiet enough :-)

I will keep a Windows system, but I want to setup a Linux machine as well. I have gotten two CRTs from a friend for the price of a lunch and I have a older Pentium 2 machine I want to use for Linux. Let's see.

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