Thursday, November 25, 2004

To Do List

So, here it is, my ultimative list of things I have to or want to do:

Top priority:
- Find a new job
This has an enormous tail of things I must do: write my resume, make nice pictures of me, find a company were I want to work, write something about "how valuable I would be to them", then maybe move to a different city/country/continent.

Hight priority:
- Write email more offen to Elizabeth
- Clean up my flat
- Put winter tyres on my car

Mid priority:
- Start one of my projects which might lead to my own company
- File my tax papers
- Find friends I can spend time with
- Find a girlfriend (Feels like its allmost impossible at the moment)
- Go swimming on a regular basis
- At least once try my luck in a rallye (enourmos tail factor)

Other things:
- Install Halion
- Make music
- Try out Tracktion
- Find a better RSS Reader
- Find some motivation

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KaTho said...

And who (tf) is Elizabeth?