Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Majors - The Real Music Pirates

Tracks sold over the Internet usually go for about 99 cents. About 70 cents of the sale price goes to Sony. The bands are getting about 4 1/2 cents per song, according to the suit, rather than the approximately 30 cents they claim is rightfully theirs.

Cheap Trick, Allman Brothers Sue Sony - Yahoo! News
(via fefe)
"A major label like Sony BMG likely receives 80 cents of every 99 cent download. Out of that 80 cents, 4.5 cents goes to the Allmans based on their existing terms. "

So that leaves 75.5 cents to Sony per track. You'd think, with scratch like that, they could develop a better root-kit. To their credit, they have at the very least spent wisely on lobbyists.

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