Friday, June 23, 2006

FBI to Terrorists: Let's do an attack!

The group thought that they ''were doing [the attacks] in conjunction with al Qaeda'' but were really dealing with undercover law enforcement, the official said.

It was ''pretty much talk, we were on top of them,'' the source said.
I just can imagine how these people got talked into talking about maybe making an attack...

A law enforcement source said the group had photographs of the Sears Tower, the FBI's Miami field office and Miami police headquarters.
The probably got the photos from the FBI. Or google. Expect to be hustled the next time you make photos of the Sears Tower...

'But whenever we undertake an operation like this, we would not do it without the approval of a judge. We've got search warrants and arrest warrants and the like,'' Mueller told host Larry King.
Thank god, I was thinking that would be uncommon now the US. Wow, what a piece of investigative journalism. | 06/23/2006 | Terrorism raid targets a warehouse in Miami

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