Thursday, June 15, 2006

What makes Tony tick?

Well, I don't understand all the motives behind the acts of the US goverment, but the more I read about it, the more I get the feeling that they are simply a bunch of morally corupt, selfcentered, arrogant, ignorant, incompentent Assholes (with a capital A). Take for example this about Dick Cheney. The people in power in the US don't care much about the impact their actions have, they just play the game of "Staying in Power".

By the way: Starting a war based on lies and killing at least 30,000 civilians in Iraq comes very close to my definition of a terrorist.

Now that many other nations in the region can't keep their feet still is a natural reaction. Not that I think that is good what they do, but it explains why so many nations mengle with the affairs of their neighbours. E.g. Iran has no interest that its neighbour Iraq is destablized by US and is made into a staging area for all kinds of acts against itself (Don't get me wrong, I would like regime in Iran removed, but it is a sovereign nation and should be treated the same as other nations like the US or China).

Ok, I'm slowly getting the picture why the people act how they act. but what really puzzles me: What's in it for Tony Blair?

I don't know much about British politics. I don't know what drives the people in power in the UK. The British government is a willing member of the coalition of the Terror Fighting Nations, troops in Iraq, people being shot and arrested for nothing both abroad and at home (Menezes, Wolverhampton, Derby, Croydon, Forest Gate). Now if Marget Thatcher, member of the Conservative Party, would still be in power and Reagan invaded Iraq, well, I wouldn't be surprised if the British stood very firmly by the side of the US. But Tony Blair? Is this Labour Party thing just a propaganda stunt? He is still a member of the Labour Party, right? The people arround Bush are the same that made Iran-Contra happen. But who are the people arround Blair?

Why the fuck does Blair what he does? I truely don't understand it. Did he get bullied into this? For sometime I thought maybe it is a US-UK friendship thing since WWII. And I would have understood this. The UK pays back a dept to the US, removes some WMD from Saddam, makes right a wrong. Afterall, it were the US and many European countries that delieverd weapons to Saddam so he can fight the Mullahs in Iran.

But Blair knew it was a lie. Why the fuck didn't he call it a bluff?

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