Friday, June 23, 2006

Muslim? Christian? Davidian? Quaeda?

Later, federal sources said that the terrorist group may have no ties at all with Al Qaeda. This would be a group named "Seas of David" which is very keen on the Bible and which has "soldiers" in Chicago according to an alleged member named 'Brother Corey'. Corey told they're nonviolent and didn't plan any terror attack. Yet neighbors of the group's teenagers and young adults members said they introduced themselves as muslims and tried to recruit young people. Authorities worried about their 'military'-like organization.

Most plotters are americans. Some told they are Black Muslims. No one knows if they're really muslims or not.

It doesn't matter. Just put them all in a big pot, stirr and tell the public "Terrorist plot by Quaede uncoverd".
"Perhaps it's only a Davidian-related threat, a new conflict between 'Davidians' who fight with 'Babylonians' (federal authorities). It needs a thorough investigation" a US source told ISRIA.

Thorough investigation? That'll be something new in the US. The officials and the media are more focused on putting away "cold-blooded murderers" without evidence, trial or conviction.
'Seas of David': Seven Suspects Arrested, FBI

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Quaedian? I like the sound of it...