Thursday, July 13, 2006


The worst thing that usually happens at Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo, in Alabama, involves the resident emu who, visitors are warned, has been known to deliver a "hard peck".

Yet the zoo is listed as a critical potential target for terrorists, according to an internal audit by the US government that condemns the Department of Homeland Security for taking a too-broad approach to the risk of attack. The report, by the department's inspector-general, who serves as a watchdog, lists numerous other sites in the National Asset Database "whose criticality is not readily apparent" - including the Sweetwater Flea Market in Tennessee, Amish Country Popcorn in Indiana, a kangaroo conservation centre, a cheque-cashing outlet and a doughnut shop. Other, vaguer, entries include "a restaurant", "a travel stop" and "beach at end of a street".

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Ice cream parlour tops US terror list
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