Friday, July 14, 2006

I should have filed some patents too...

Is there a thing that isn't patented?
  • Method of encoding a signal into a bit stream (Damn, if we only knew how to do that)
  • Scaling filter and method thereof (There is so much to be gained by being able to scale!)
  • Fast fourier transform processor (A FFT processor. Wow, the brainchild of a brainiac)
  • Method and apparatus for performing a multiplication or division operation in an electronic circuit (I mean, come on!)
  • Leading zero counter for binary data alignment (Can you spell cntlz?)
  • Electric apparatus and method for game (WTF?)
  • Light reflection intensity calculation circuit (Wow, impressive invention, how many NASA engineers do you need for that?)
  • Data processing apparatus and method for converting a fixed point number to a floating point number (Damn, why didn't I think of that?)
  • Data processing device with microprocessor and with additional arithmetic unit and associated method (We call it a "Laser" "Computer")
  • Division algorithm (Division? What's that? Never heard of it)
  • Data processing apparatus and method for performing floating point addition (What? Floating Point Addition? We can do that?)
  • Method and apparatus for performing a divide instruction (Divide the bread and share it!)

Electrical computers: arithmetic processing and calculating patents (USPTO Class 708)
(via fefe)

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