Thursday, December 07, 2006

Learn spelling in Cyrillic!

I have been thinking about this a bit lately and this post by Stef stirred up some Polonium thing within me.

Well, whoever killed Litvinenko wanted to spell out this message:

1. We have lots of money and access to dangerous things.
2. We are from Russia.

Number one is obviously true, but number two, I am not sure.
Let's see, round up the usual suspects.

Our prime suspect is:


If he would wanted to send a message to Berezovsky, he would have done just that, maybe send one of those cultural attachés you can read about in books by John le Carré.

If he wanted Berezovsky dead, B. would have been hit by a lorry, drowned in the Thames river or crashed in an airplane by now. Putin was head of the Russian secret service and has certainly access to it now. And certainly they can kill someone without spray-painting "From Russia with Love" on the dead corpse and a couple of British Airways airplanes.

So, I think we can safely exclude Putin.

Of course, there is a chance that this is exactly the reason why Putin did it. (Sorry, need to take my medication now - Ah, that feels better).

We come to our second contestant:

"Forces" within Russia

Well this seems much more likely. Someone who goes way back with L. and has a axe to grind with him. Or even some one who wants to pin it on Putin.

The more I think about the whole "Pin it on Putin" game, the more I am thinking about who is having a jolly good time pinning it on Putin:

"Forces" within the UK

Well, here we have it.

Just like Major Renault in Casablanca, who is shocked to find out that gambling is going on in Rick's Cafe Americain, so is Captain Blair to find out that Putin may be behind bad things.

Why the sudden change in attitude towards Russia and Putin? I don't know. Maybe the Russian-German pipeline and a Russian threat about the prices of energy? Who knows. This certainly looks like a "We have pretty good relations, it would be a pitty if anything bad happend to them" moment.

I feel sorry for the runner-up in our "Who framed Roger Putin" contest, but I don't think our American-Three-Letter friend has to do anything with this whole affair. The americans don't even seem to be interested beyound their initial reaction to everything "That is just like that Bond movie I have seen, that is sooo cute when he saves his life with that defribilator and first asks the girl if she is alright!"

Did I miss anybody important? Well, maybe the Islandians did it, but then again not. Who knows.

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