Sunday, December 10, 2006

The mother of all conspiracy theories

I don't understand much about global economics, but I always asked myself how a nation can continously accumulate debt. I mean, if I take a credit, I have to pay it back some day.

This doesn't seem to apply for a nation. "Mr Bush, pay back the debt by friday or we will distrain Florida!" Can you imagine Germany selling Bavaria to the Japanese to pay back their credits?

Well, I think the plan is that the nations will never pay back the money the owe. Some people say that a crash is coming. Peak Oil, Dollar Dependency, US deficit, Economic Cycles, you name it. And what happens usually when a crash occours? A super-giga-hyper-inflation! Problem solved!

Well, not excactly, because there is still the problem that the people might not react that well to a crash of the economy. So, what does a responsible politian do, if he knows that the shit will hit the fan? He gets ready. And this would explain why democrats all over the world have turned into stalinists and are converting their nations to "controlled democracies". We will need to control all those unemployed and hungry people when the Dollar goes for a crash dive. Better start building those internment camps now.

Ah, the good old dream of a just despot.

And there is one more thing that might fit into the big "Shit&Fan" conspiracy theory: States all over the world are selling their "crown juwels". "Hey mate, wana buy a Hospital? Prime condition and I make you a special price." Two reasons would explain this: First, the politicians are buying time, just like I did when I was unemployed and sold everything I could live without. And secondly, the state will get all this stuff back with ease after the crash.

Now, I could be completly wrong, as I said, I don't know much about these things and it is getting quite late. But to me, this would explain certain things, much better than what I have heard so far.


(via fefe, in German)

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