Saturday, December 02, 2006

While driving down memory lane...

... we come to Tora Bora, the mystical place under the hill. Ah, these were the times when we could believe in bondesque super villians who threatended the world from an undergournd high-tech bunker. Where are the Stavros of today?

I guess the postal system is to be blamed when movie scripts addressed to Hollywood, CA, end up in Washington, DC, or when the script for the BBC series "Ricin, TATP, Liquids: How Arabs kill us" end up in police stations in the UK.

This really seems to be a global trend, 'inteligence' agencies and the police all over the world are turning into those little dolls that tell you anything as long as you pull the right string.

I guess, it is globalistion to be blamed ...

(I would like to provide you with a good link the the German train "bombers" of Cologne, but I can't find a good English article that shows how these wanabe-bombers could ignite a fire with gasoline and a burning torch. The only english articles are like these and I doubt that this translation does help...)

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