Friday, December 22, 2006

A Message Courtesy Of Mr. Foreman: Internal FBI warning

I received an interesting email:
Subject: The news prompted the FBI to issue an internal warning on the risk his death could spark attacks, the US media says.
From: Raphael Foreman

The Yemeni authorities confirmed there had been a shooting incident, it said.
A shooting? In Yemen? And the FBI had to issue a internal warning? And Mr. Foreman tells me all about it? How fascinating!

But after that, I'm afraid, the "content" of the mail breaks apart.
Anichebe, making his first Premiership start, was a constant threat and when he was wrestled to the ground by the Dutchman, Arteta netted from the spot.
After that a trading alert GIF informing me of the possibilties of "Chef Selections, Inc.", a penny stock. How bizare, yet how fascinating. No wonder it was in my Spam folder.

And there are really suckers who really buy stock that is advertised in strange spam emails. I guess I could really make a nice living if I would not have any scruples...

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