Monday, December 11, 2006

One more reason to use Polonium

Seems like I have forgotten one motive regarding the Polonium 210 killing.
'For anybody looking to kill an individual using nuclear material, polonium- 210 would be the radioactive isotope of choice'
Nuclear poison: the deadly trade | The Observer
Well, for anybody having the money to spare. And for anybody wanting to create a scare of nuclear material floating arround and ending up in the hand of terrorists. No sir, we are fighting a Terror War, we wouldn't want to add any fuel to it, would we?
Officials from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston and Porton Down, the government Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, will today continue studying samples of the radioactive material extracted from the tablecloth of the sushi restaurant where Litvinenko ate the day he died.
No, nobody building atomic weapons for the British government would interested in creating a scare of a "dirty bomb", no sir. After all, weapons makers don't profit from an ongoing war and would not be interested in creating something that could be perceived as a threat. A threat that the government would need to act on. No sir. And no, the created threat by Iran is not a reason to modernize nuclear weapons and transfer a shit load of money from the state to private companies.
No on disputes that Litvinenko had mustered his fair share of enemies. Some were dangerous, others less so, yet whether light can ever pierce the fog of claim, counter-claim and smoke and mirrors that characterise this case is hard to predict.
Truer words have never been written in a newspaper.

To be honest, I don't care why and by whose hands this guy died. But I do care what governments all over the world do. And if we start to investigate every death, say in Iraq, with the scrutiny we currently see regarding the Polonium 210 case, we would not have a problem with unemployment. In fact, if we would go and investigate every death in Iraq with this attention of detail, you could hire every African and solve the problems of this forgotten continent.

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