Friday, January 19, 2007

The full spectrum of humans

Ice is Dangerous, even in Portland

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It happens everytime, it happens to all of us. We are perfectly capable to misjudge any given situation and make a pretty mess of it. I know, I too can make a misjudgement and not even notice it. And that is the fightening part. I did things I knew were risky (like driving too fast around the Nürburg-Ring). Knowing something could go wrong is good. So even if you think everything is just peachy, one should expect the grim reaper around the corner. Not to frighten yourself, more to avoid him...

Sometime ago I had a boss, who was convinced that he didn't make any errors. You could see it his eyes, you knew it when you talked with him. He just was always right. Or at least he thought it, if he would have thought about it. For some strange reason, it seems that people who tend to be upper in the food chain are more likely to develop this kind disorder. I don't know if it is necessary to climb to higher grounds or if it just helps, same as having no conscience at all or total disregard to the well-being of other human beings. It makes me wonder if the leaders of our world are intentionaly reckless or just have some sort of disorder, like a sort of Anti-Autism.

I recently heard from one report (I guess it was on TV...) that some people believe that Autism is not really a disorder, it is more like some internal parameters are skewed. Less social interaction, at the same time stronger empathie towards others, stronger perception of (mis-)justice (compared to "normal" people, at least with some Autists).

Autism is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests in delays of "social interaction, language as used in social communication, or symbolic or imaginative play,"
Autism is often not physiologically obvious, in that outward appearance may not indicate a disorder, and diagnosis typically comes from a complete physical and neurological evaluation.
Some autistic children and adults are opposed to attempts to cure autism, because they see autism as part of who they are, and in some cases they perceive attempts of a cure to be intensive and unnatural.
So what if some people are simply on the other end of the Autistic Spectrum (As opposed to the "severe" end of the spectrum)? Very good social skills, at the same time total lack of empathie towards others and ignorance of justice? And would this be considered a disorder? Would this help to become an influential person, like a leader of a nation or a big corporation? And would this be the kind of person you would like to have in this kind of position?

The article about the Autistic Spectrum mentions something about "hypersocialization", but aunt google finds only 293 hits. I feel inclined to delete this "fact" from wikipedia.

I really should not read medical articles, knowing I am a hypochonder I feel like I'm an Autist someone with Asperger Syndrom ...

As a side note: Once I was in a similar situation as the YouTube video, winter came early, the car I drove had summer tyres, I made the wrong judgement to drive by car, but I made the right judgment (sometimes I do that) to wait for authorities to "defrost" the street. Someone was speeding by in his car. I opened the window and made a gesture towards him with my hand, signaling him to slow down. The driver hit the brakes, the car turned slightly, the driver sling open the door, jumped out and - fell. He just fell down straight before he even got his second foot on the ground. I think he wanted to beat me. Well, this was the fastest case of instant karma I have witnessed. (He crawled back to his car and didn't bother me any further)

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mcewen said...

Great video. Don't worry about the autism, I suspect everyone has a smidge.