Monday, January 15, 2007

What a Bunch of Hypocrites

Apple has a history of using lawyers against bloggers. There was the now infamous Think Secret lawsuit, which may have had merit. But they also engage in clearly superfluous, bullying tactics as well. In August we received a letter from Apple’s lawyers demanding that we remove an embedded YouTube video showing features from OSX 10.5. We felt this was an extreme position to take - Apple could have simply requested YouTube to remove the video. And this wasn’t a trade secrets issue - they also had a very similar video up on their own website.

Today Apple is engaging in similar tactics against a number of bloggers who simply reported on the fact that someone created a skin for Windows Mobile phones that looks exactly like the new iPhone user interface.

Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again - Tech Crunch
From the company that advertises with Rosa Parks.
Once again we're reminded that Apple is a company with a conscience. Apple's home page bears this historic photo of Rosa Parks, icon of the civil rights movement, who passed away yesterday at age 92.
Haha, what a bunch of hypocrites.
Hypocrisy is the act of pretending or claiming to have beliefs, feelings, morals or virtues that one does not truly possess or practice.
It is nice when the effects of the reality-distortion-field start to fade out. Besides being overpriced, closed off to the public, obsoleted in two years time by the 3G iPhone and manufactured by Chinese slaves in conditions dangerous to everybody and the environment, it is promoted by a company of hypocrites. Because the other companies are worse, I will not buy a new phone or computer unless I absolutely have to. Thank god fully I don't have to at the moment. OK, my current mobile phone sucks and a laptop would be nice, but I don't really need a new piece of equipment for which the equivalent landmass of Liechtenstein had to be converted to something resembling the surface of the moon.

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