Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will they be in for a surprise

So the iPhone got introduced. Nice, I was waiting for this. Ok, I will be waiting some more time for it to be mine, but hey, this seems like a great product.

I noted two things while watching the iPhone Demo:

1. Steve Jobs used the Beatles song "With a little help from my friends" as the first song to demo the iPod inside the iPhone. Interesting, after all that trouble Beatles/Apple Records have given him. But "The Jobs" will prevail, I guess.

2. There was a clown the CEO from Cingular/AT&T on stage (at around 01:08 in the iPhone stream), who hadn't had a slightest clue what he was doing there ("The Jobs" is not stage because he is the CEO of Apple, he is on stage because he is the only one who can handle the Realty-Distortion-Field TM) and seemed mainly happy that Cingular bullied Apple into having the iPhone only working with them. Boy, will he be in for a surprise, exclusive contract or not.

As Steve said right after the AT&T business speach:
We come from pretty differents worlds, the telco industry, the computer industry and of course music with the iPod. And we love these guys!
Yeah, Steve loves AT&T, just as he loved the majors five years ago. This CEO-guy finishes his speach and one of the first things Steve mentions is music with the iPod, wink, wink? The iPhone will be to cellular carriers what the iPod has been to music companies. Just wait and see how Apple will bully them in their own Apple kind of way. Again, "The Jobs" will prevail. At least, that is what I hope.

And in the meantime, Microsoft is going to try to kill the iPod with its Zune, forgetting that Apple is actually killing the (old) iPod with the (new) iPod every year, and this year killing it in part with the iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

I would soooo like to have this phone, but NOT with an "exclusive" contract to the worst telco in the USA. My loathing of Cincular trumps my Apple fetish.

Apple blew it.