Saturday, August 12, 2006

Be afraid, be very afraid.

So the polices watches a couple of men for several months and finally arrests them. There are no women on this list. Not a single one. Yet women are forced to drink their babies milk?

This is bullshit to make the people afraid of the Muslims. I'm afraid that the Muslims have replaced the Jews as a general scapegoat for everything. The towelhead has replaced the hooked nose. And the Germans urge for "New living space in the east" (where a lot of Jews lived) has been replaced with the US's urge to "Dominate the middle east" (Where a lot of Muslims live). How bad it went (not only) for the Jew, that we all know. How bad it will go for the Muslims, only time will tell.

I only know one thing: The people in power use the words "Freedom" and "Security" just like the Mafia uses the words "Honor" and "Responsibility".

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