Monday, August 28, 2006

Islam is at war with "The West"?

YouTube - Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

A war? What war?

War is when every month, thousands of people die, just like what we see in Iraq everyday as a result of the US attack. If one country is suffering the most from this so called "war on terror", it is Iraq and its citizens.

ONE FUCKING MEASLY ATTACK FIVE YEARS AGO ON THE WTC? And these stupid dimwits in the US government call this a war? THERE IS NO WAR. THERE ARE NO ATTACKS.

If there are really millions of Islamists determined to wage a war against the West, against the USA, the UK and the clueless rest, then there would be AT LEAST AN ATTACK EVERY FUCKING DAY. Even if I alone would wage a war against the US, I would bloody well make sure to take down much more of those "freedom loving" and SUV driving dimwits.

I wish some would wipe these fucking United States of Anxiety of the map.

What happend to the land of democracy and freedom?

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