Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chocolate or a piece of shit?

Seems like companies still don't get user experience. And seems like people don't care (much).
Sure enough, these buttons are a nightmare. They’re balky, nonresponsive, slow to react and all-around infuriating (and yes, I tried all four sensitivity settings). The three people who tried my review unit had amazingly similar reactions, even after I told them to stop running their thumbs around the dial as though it were an iPod. One said he felt like throwing the phone “through the window,” another “into the trash,” and another “across the room.”
Funny, I had the same "through the damn thing across the room" feeling today with my Nokia NGage, as it took ages to boot the thing up, pressing keys without any feedback and waiting for a reacation...
Pogue’s Posts - Heavily Hyped Cellphone Won’t Make You a Chocoholic - Technology - New York Times Blog

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