Friday, August 11, 2006

That will teach them

In May a number of Libyans were arrested, mainly in Manchester, suspected of being involved in the facilitation of terrorist activity overseas. They were detained under immigration laws pending deportation to Libya.

What's wrong with a good old fashioned court trial? Surely being deported to Libya will teach these terrorists to stop whatever they were doing...

MI5 diverts record amount of budget to fight terrorism - Law - Times Online

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Postman said...

THis coincided with LUIbya being taken off the US watch list for nations encouraging terrism.

These guys had been living happily in the UK for years , whilst Ronnie Regan bombed Gadaffi with our help and MI6 apparently (according to the devious Shayler chappie) wanted to kil him.

Well, poor old Libyans the boot is on the other foot now and we are going to send you back to a certain death at the hands of our new friend Mr Gadaffi who has lots and lots and lots of oil and gas.

Incidentally the day the US knocked Gadaffi off the villains list (International Div.) they inserted Chavez and the Venezuelan bnaditos. to fill the yawning gap.