Saturday, August 12, 2006

The easy task to book a flight

"When the arrests were made Thursday morning, the plotters had reached the point of identifying airlines and routes, but had not yet picked flight numbers." ****

Perhaps the plotter(s) overlooked the fact that at the height of the summer season flights from Heathrow to the US are overbooked weeks ahead, and the possibility of carefully selecting which flight to use and booking multiple seats is somewhat fanciful.

Postman Patel: We'll just hop an a plane and blow it up.

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Postman said...

What is very intersting T mix is that bit you quote, a commentator (Anon) pointed out that it could not be found on the source I used and linked.

This is the result - which I posted as a comment earlier today.
How very odd, you will find the phrase here

Which was another story - I found this by googling the whole phrase as I quoted it. It also appeared here

with a far better and longer much more sourced story.

Good pick to notice it's removal.


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