Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We have a plan, it is a good plan, let's stick to the plan

So, what happend.

Hezbollah captures two Israeli soldiers.

The people in charge in Israel - Is this the IDF or the government? Sorry, I digress - think that these captured soldiers are
a) Held at a Hezbollah hideout
b) Moved by the Hezbollah from one hideout to another

So what do the people in power in Israel do to free these two soldiers?
a) Drop bombs at every know, presumed or believed Hezbollah hideout (plus powerplants, harbours, airpots and all the other "Hezbollah infrastructure")
b) Drop bombs at every moving vehicle that is known, presumed or believed to be moving members of Hezbollah.

Sounds like a really stupid plan ™ to me, unless of course the plan is to draw Syria into war...

[Update] I think the plan is not to draw Syria (or Iran) into war. The plan is to hinder Syrian and Iran to send more rockets and maybe biological or chemical war heads to Lebanon. The plan is to hinder Hezbollah to take revenge for the US attack on Iran within the next two months.

an attack at Iran which seems to be planned for October (and Syria maybe later)

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