Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Clockwork Red White Blue - A Blueprint

What is the Clockwork Red White Blue?

I doubt that the events on September the Eleventh were the result of a deliberate plan by the US government to commit a terrorist act on US soil. It is my opinion that it were many different people on different levels with different agendas who enabled and maybe aided the acts on 9/11.
For those in top positions, an act of terrorism in the United States was a welcome opportunity to introduce the Patriot Act (1200 pages one month after 9/11? They had it ready, just waiting) and invade Afghanistan and Iraq (I'm afraid the US has plans read for every country in the world, so this not a surprise. They just have to pick one...). The US government knew of an imminent terrorist attack, but instead of trying to stop the attack by directing the differenty agencies that could have prevented it, they choose to let the attacks happen. The terrorist attacks gave them the needed momentum to achieve their policy. (So it is no surprise that the US government, having achieved what they wanted, lacks the interest to clear up the events that lead to 9/11. Not only that, they have no interest to stop these conspiracy theorists, because nothing is better than to cover the truth under a mountain of lies.)

People lower in the food chain didn't knew and didn't care about any plans by their government. They have agendas of their own. Some simply wanted more funds and more influence, which they hoped they could achieve by "[letting] the documents pile up so [they] can show it and say that [they] need more translators and expand the department".

Some agencies have agendas that are not clear while others agencies simply don't won't to play together out of a tradition of secrecy.

I don't know if the 9/11 terrorist, when choosing Huffman Aviation were aided or just lucky (or if Huffman had a reputation of being the right choice if one didn't want to attract much attention), but it seems that the authorities have been looking the other way with regards of Rudi Dekkers, Wally Hilliard and Huffman Aviation.

So I don't think that this Clockwork Red White Blue is a machine with a few Illuminati at the control wheels driving it into the direction that they want. It is rather a cart with a large bunch of people pulling in all kinds of directions. And some people are more skilled in getting the cart to move in their favour. Unfortunately the cart is moving in a direction it should not move.

And this just a partial view of this system. The military has been woven in so tightly into the US economy and into US politics. A new weapon system has parts build in every US state to put pressure (jobs equal votes) on the representives. This makes the US military an elephant pulling the cart in its direction, slowly, but relentlessly, not caring about anybody else. This is the Military-Industrial Complex of which Eisenhower warned to no avail. And I really don't know if the US invades other countries because the government wants to or because simply they can.

What will stop this? I'm afraid that this system will bring itself down. First of all, nobody else can. The US are in a position were nobody else can attack them (and ignore terrorist attacks; terrorist attacks are pinpricks. Look at Israel, it is still here). Not that it would make much sense to attack the US, because out of 100 invasions in the last fifty years, about 10 suceeded (The US should know that out of own experience, but they keep invading countries...). The only ones that can stop it are the US citizens, but until they have a severe interest to stop this, they simply won't care enough. I wouldn't be surprised if things get a lot worse before they get better. All empires have crumbled and if some in the US think they need to act like one, one day they might find that they will end like one...

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