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A Clockwork Red White Blue - Make every cocaine drop count

This is unbelievable. I'm not making this up (as fefe would say). Go check the sources.

A DC-9 aircraft, painted with a interesting seal owned by Sky Way, a bankrupt sub-penny stocks scam company pretending to be from the "ominous" Military-Industrial Complex, the aircraft being registered as N900SA to Royal Sons Inc. (having an unknown cooperation with Sky Ways), was seized by Mexico smuggling 5.5 tons of cocaine.

Annoying side note: See the lack of reports by the MSM versus the posts on the internet. Where is the so called free media?

Interesting side note: Sky Way has bought (aircontrol) ground stations locations and technical documentation associated with over 100 U.S. (aircontrol) tower locations and wants to sell a "airborne security system [that] uses passenger monitoring tools such as security cameras and facial recognition software to attempt to decrease the likelihood of future September 11th events from happening again".

Funny side note: The aircraft was previously owned by Kenny Rogers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Political side note: Connections of Brent Kovar (founder of Sky Way) to Tom DeLay (US congressman from Texas).

And someone is linking the whole affair to the CIA (Can someone point me to the original story?). Some people say this is the reason to the mysterious resignation of CIA director Porter Gross. They even make connections to Iran-Contra (Remember? The US selling arms to the Mullahs? The same Mullahs they want to bomb away now? If I were in charge in Iran now, I would build nuclear bombs to keep the US away, you know.) because the airplane used to be owned by Finove Capital, the same company involved in the Iran-Contra affair (I can't find "serious" sources for this, but my time is limited).

And it goes on:
The registered owner of the aircraft is: Royal Sons Inc., 15875 Fairchild Drive, Clearwater, Florida.

On April 5, 2006, the plane flew from St. Petersburg/Clearwater International to Simon Bolivar International in Caracas. "Sky Ways" has also been linked to the Saudi government and Bush family/CIA activities. Royal Sons, the name of which may indicate the involvement of Saudi princes, such as the cocaine-transporting Prince Nayif, also maintained an office at 224 East Airport Ave., Venice (Florida), at the same time lead hijacker Mohammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi were training at Huffman Aviation, which was located near by at 400 East Airport Avenue.
This article goes on to draw connections between Satellite Access Systems (a former scam of Brant Kovar), the Banque Francaise de L'Orient, the Saudis, Skyways Aircraft Leasing and James Bath (George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard friend).

Please, please, someone tell me that this is not true, that this is a lie (and please send links). I can't find any "serious" sources for the "cocaine-transporting Prince Nayif" and I don't have the time to verify this. The last allegations seem from conspiracy land to me and I would welcome any "serious" sources for this.

Then again, it could all be a mistake:
We took the Seal off. Forget about the Seal.

Frederic Geffon from Royal Sons LLC, the Florida air charter company which the FAA listed as the last registered American owner of "Cocaine One," was happy to talk about Brent and Glenn Kovar's most recent (last year) bankruptcy.

"Their company is a scam and heÂ’s a scammer. I got sold a bill of goods about his stock. Everybody out here at the (Clearwater-St. Pete International) airport invested with him, and we all lost it all."

In an exclusive interview, Geffon was quick to point out that the DC9 was no longer his concern when it left the general aviation terminal at Clearwater-St. Pete on April 5th heading for Caracas and its ignominious rendezvous with destiny.

Moreover, he told us, the phony Homeland Security Seal was no longer on it, a statement confirmed by photos of the plane taken in Mexico after its interdiction (see photo above.)
Then again, it could all be a web of lies surrounding the true owner of an aircraft.

Make up your mind. How professional is that? Imagine selling an airplane, let someone fly away with it to Caracas on 04/05/2006 and having it still registered at your name until 04/13/2006, two days after the airplane is seized in Mexico with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board?

After all that scrutiny one has to go through to fly as a tourist from Europe to the US, you can have a commercial airplane with unknown owner, unclear registration, flying around with drugs?

And forget Homeland Security. Homeland Security is a organization dedicated on keeping control on US citzens, maybe hustling a "non-citizen" (as in foreigner) from time to time.

I advise all terrorists, buy commercial airplanes in the US and fly them into buildings. It doesn't seem to be a problem almost five years after 9/11, if you have some cash. You can even get the money back by having put options...

And don't be surprised if the US starts to make propaganda against Mexico for not keeping this one quiet.

And oh, lest I forget, there is a second aircraft, N120NE (ex N8500, N60FM, N901B, N2H, HB-IFA), with the same history as N900SA (dubbed "Cocaine One"). And you might want to check N391SA.

If you want to see how to play hide and seek with aircraft registration numbers, google for: N168D ("Devon Holding and Leasing Inc"), N196D ("Devon Holding and Leasing Inc"), N44982 ("PREMIERE EXECUTIVE TRANSPORT SERVICES INC", "N126CH INC", "Bayard Foreign Marketing", ex N379P, N8068V, N581GA), N4476S ("Keeler & Tate Management"), N85VM ("Boston Red Sox Gulfstream G-IV"), N227SV (ex N85VM), N221SG, N505LL, N120JM, N212CP, N221SG ...

And surely it is a coincidence, that Sky Way Enterprise from Kissimmee, FL (just 135 miles from the company Sky Way
in Venice) has a DC-9, registration number N112PS ...

N900SA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(via fefe)

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