Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Photoshop API Guide

Damn, reading the document, how they describe hosts and plug-ins, reminds me of the time when I have rewritten parts of the PowerCore SDK Documentation. How they try to address people who have never seen a plug-in. How it seems to come from someone who tried to communicate the problems he had, or the problems he might think the reader might have. How you can see a person writing the document. How he tries to focus on the way you are going to implemnt a plug-in, not on the way they implemented the API.

A host, is a host, is a host.

And a software developer will always be a software developer. Damn, I need to write software again, no, I need to release a product again. Bring out something someone needs. Create something out of electrons. Damn, damn, damn, I need a mission. Someone else's mission, I suck at fighting my own missions.

[Update] The Photoshop API Guide needs a rewrite, they talk about 680x0, systems with 32 MB RAM and the Apple MPW compiler...

And don't get me started on this:
Photoshop plug–ins for Windows can be created using Microsoft® Visual C++, version 2.0 or later (which requires Windows NT version 3.5 or later, or Windows 95). This toolkit has been checked under Visual C++ 5.0 and Windows NT 4.0.

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