Friday, May 05, 2006

A Clockwork Red White Blue - What if the "civil war" in Iraq was intentional?

Was it intented by the US government, that the war in Iraq turned into a civil war?

By the way, two really nice paragraphs about CNN in hotels. Several months before the Iraq war, I was in a hotel and in the lobby was a TV with CNN on. The sound was muted, but the text screamed "BREAKING NEWS!!! IRAQ!!!!". I thought: "Oh my god, they started a war!", but it was some silly unimportent event.

The lifts in the New York Hilton played CNN on a small screen you could not avoid watching. Iraq was top of the news; pronouncements about a "civil war" and "sectarian violence" were repeated incessantly. It was as if the US invasion had never happened and the killing of tens of thousands of civilians by the Americans was a surreal fiction. The Iraqis were mindless Arabs, haunted by religion, ethnic strife and the need to blow themselves up. Unctuous puppet politicians were paraded with no hint that their exercise yard was inside an American fortress.

And when you left the lift, this followed you to your room, to the hotel gym, the airport, the next airport and the next country. Such is the power of America's corporate propaganda, which, as Edward Said pointed out in Culture and Imperialism, "penetrates electronically" with its equivalent of a party line.

New Statesman - John Pilger detects the Salvador Option

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