Monday, May 15, 2006

We need more Nukes on TV

After seeing so many lone heroes fighting the ceaseless onslaught of nuclear bomb wielding Arab terrorists at the US, I hereby predict the next hits for US TV.

Friends: Ross sees that Ugly Naked Guy is building a nuclear device. See how Phoebe helps him to dismantle the device and almost causes a 3rd World War and how Monica thinks that Chandler has a relation with the Ugly Naked Guy. Don't miss Joey using Plutonium for a BBQ.

Seinfeld: George gets arrested by Homeland Security because they believe he is a Arab terrorist building a nuclear device. In prison he gets to know an actual Arab terrorist and his plans to destroy the US. George and Kramer are able to find the HQ of the Arab terrorists, but almost fail without the help of Jerry. See Elaine discussing her relationship problems with Mahmud Eppersani, the leader of the Arab terrorists.

Law & Order: See the gripping legal drama between good and bad as a small team from the New York City homicide department and lawyers from the Manhattan District Attorney's office try to prove that the explosion of a nuclear device in NYC was not a case of self defense.

Walker, Texas Ranger: See Walker beat the hell out of Arab terrorists. Oh, and he dismantles a nuclear device with an elegant Low Kick.

Herbie: See Herbie talk a nuclear device out of exploding. Simply lovable.

Magnum, P.I.: An Navy Admiral and old friend of Magnum from the Vietnam war claims that the Vietnamese want to kill him. As Magnum investigates, he finds evidence that his friend is betraying the US by smuggling nuclear material stolen from the Vietnamese and selling it to Arab terrorists. Together with the Vietnamese Secret Service they are able to recover the nuclear material and apprehend the US traitor. Don't miss Higgins telling a story how he build a nuclear grenade while serving in south east Asia and Rick trying to sell the nuclear material to some tourists.

Home Improvement: Tim builds by accident a nuclear device, while improving his hot rod. After consulting with Wilson he decides to dismantle it only to discover it stolen by Arab terrorists. See Tim recover the nuclear device with the help of Al. Don't miss Jill talking about how she build a civil nuclear reactor for school when she was a girl.

Star Trek: The crew of the Enterprise fly back in time to save the US from a attack with nuclear devices by Arab terrorists. Don't miss Spock swimming with nuclear submarines and Pavel Andreievich Chekov stealing a nuclear wessel while James T. Kirk tries to win over a 20th century woman.

ER: An Arab terrorist is brought to the ER with abdominal pain. While operating, Dr. John Carter discovers a nuclear device. See how the amazing Dr. Kerry Weaver keeps everything under control. Don't miss Nurse Carol Hathaway giving birth to quadruplets.

X-Files: Mulder discovers that aliens are using Arab terrorists to attack the US with nuclear bombs. Don't miss the unconscious Scully missing how Mulder dismantles the bombs before they are beamed away by other aliens.

NCSI Nevada - Nuclear Crime Scene Investigation: See these experts determine the cause of every nuclear explosion in the US with criminologist perfection.

The West Wing: See U.S. President Bartlet ordering a preemptive strike on a Arab country building nuclear weapons.

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