Saturday, May 20, 2006

Non-Citizens have no rights

That is, non US citizens. And the US seems to have every right to interfere with other nations.

Here is a blog entry about the UN wanting to shut down Guantanamo and the riots. And the comments there are really good. Top of its class.

United Nations is an international organization comprise most of the countries of the world, formed in 1945 to promote peace, security and economic development. United Nations Committees should go after Osama bi Laden/Zar-coward terrorists if they are concern about torture. These SAVAGES are in Gitmo and other prisons becausing of torturing human beings including children. Where is the United We Stand to defend our country (USA) as American Citizens.We like to know what countries are on this United Nation Committees commanding that USA close Gitmo/other prison where the terrorist are kept? United Nations should concentrate and help to end terrorism organize by Osama bi Laden/Zarcoward, etc.


Have you ever actually READ the Geneva Convention's contents? It only applies to uniformed soldiers representing a country at war who ALSO follow its guidlines. As long as terrorists keep blowing up civilians and beheading prisoners, guess what, they ain't protected under nuthin.


Wish the prison wouldnt need to exist, but how else would we hold possible terrorists. Give them a house arrest tracker or/and a poral officer to report to til' they are proven guilty?


We are being so kind, those combatants caught out of uniform on the battlefield can be legally executed.

We don't need to "Find them guilty." We had all we needed when they chose cowardice and blending into the civilian population over uniforms.


So go ahead and cry and bawl all you like. The enemy combatants are NOT P.O.W.s, they have no rights, and their souls belong to us now.

As far as our Constitution goes, try reading it before you tell us what it means. Foreign powers are strictly forbidden from having any say in American government. So if I was not an American, and wanted something, I'd ask very nicely, never demand, and consider anything I recieved to be pure kindness.


I know Canada is part of the British empire but you should really try to figure out what it's like having sovereignty. You may think more clearly or at least think before you call us ignorant.


But there are a few, only few, other comments.

US Cit.. that's rich... lecturing others on the definition of sovereignty & it's value while at the same time defending the creation of a concentration camp on another country's soil to hold yet other countries' citizens without charging them with any crime.

Good one! Real funny!

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