Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Alphabet according to Google

I usually just type the first letter in the address field and select the first entry from the list that pops up in Firefox.

These are my esentials at the moment. And this works very well. Excpet for some hick-ups, when I am to fast and firefox starts searching for the letter I typed...

I thought, it would be fun to see what thinks to whom a letter belongs (The first result). Lets see:
  • a
    Good start, you search for a and get something starting with y.
  • b
    Better luck here, something starting with b. Interesting site.
  • c
    Of course. Something for the nerd.
  • d D-Link
    The first company making real world products (even if it is for computers)
  • e E! Online
    Ohla Hollywood!
  • f
    Thank god, we are back to computer products, even if it is only software.
  • g GMail
    GMail, not Google, a little bit surprising. You never know.
  • h
    Humanities and Social Sciences Online? Never heard of you.
  • i
    What is this? Google for the poor?
  • j
    Yes, J.Lo!
  • k
    KDE, the computer desktop to conquer them all. We are back in geeks realm
  • l Council of Europe (
    Even if google claims at the moment that it belongs to "Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'"
  • m Texas A&M University
    With Bush Library. A pity George Double U doesn't read.
  • n Blue Web'N a library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the web.
    Now this one is odd. This one is the first deep link ( And what an ugly deep link it is. Whats wrong with
  • o O'Reilly
    Books for gardening. No, of course books for computer nerds.
  • p Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG)
    Can you make this a little bit longer? Like include Children, Kindergarden, Home, Work, People, The World, Life and all the rest? is still free.
  • q - The World's Greatest Music Magazine Online
    Never heard of you.
  • r The R Project for Statistical Computing (
    "Your browser seems not to support frames." No clue about search engines but they have beaten ToysRUs...
  • s McDonald's
    "Select Country/Market." You already have selected every Country.
  • t AT&T
    Why t and not a? And whats doing on place seven? Sometimes I don't understand google.
  • u The whatUseek Network
    "Does it seem like your hit counter is broken?" No, I don't use medival web-design. And "Copyright 2002" is a nice one.
  • v Bobby Online Free Portal (
    Another deep link. And no v. And is a good one in Firefox.
  • w GO :: Republican National Committee
    Sorry, this had to happen. The second time we run into a hedge bush. By the way "FRIDAY FACTS The Nation Hopeful About President Bush’s Second Term" Who writes believes this bullshit? I hope UU doesn't set the world on fire.
  • x X.Org
    Back on safe geek ground.
  • y Yahoo! Messenger
    Again same as Google/GMail, not Yahoo but a product from them.
  • z HealthAtoZ - Innovating Consumer Health
    "HealthAtoZ provides lifestyle modification programs in a consumer-empowered environment" What the fuck?
So, this is enough for today.

[Update] Obviously other people have done similar things before. Damn, I thought I am so original.

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