Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Who let the readers in?

I am surprised. I have readers. Plural. I you have never left a comment here: Step forward! Leave a comment! Speak out about your doubts and fears! It's easy and I don't bite (unless you bark).

I know Elizabeth reads my blog and she is the most important reader.

But I have more readers. Four colleagues know about this blog, but I don't know if they read it regularly. There have been a handful of comments by people I don't know personally. Not much, I would like more comments, but I guess I have to write about stuff that interests people first ... :-)

I found a http://www.flickr.com/photos/nerdherd/3392423/ nice nerd picture on flickr, left a comment there and Matthew Deutsch left a comment here. He asked me if we want to trade links and I have to reply: Yes Matthew, just done it :-) Matthew makes the kind of blog I sometimes think I want to make. Cool gadgets. With his blog arround, I think I should focus more on Software Development.

The other thing I wanted to say is that Ross Rader has included me in the "Feeds I Read" section. I stumbled a couple of times accross his blog in the past. And I got the impression, here is somebody who writes very profound about important things. Important for me at least. Google, Microsoft, Internet, RSS and so on. I subscribed to his feed and kept reading it from time to time. Now I did a little bit of ego surfing, searched for "t-mix BETA" and found that he has included me in his blogroll. I'm shocked. That happens if you read the RSS feed but don't visit the website.

How did he discover me? I guess because I commented on one of his posts.

So now Ross Rader reads this blog. At least he wants to :-) I know how it is: You are subscribed to so many good blogs but only have limited time to read them. And after you are done reading 10 Blogs you realize that you just have spend 3 hours and that you have 40 more good blogs to read. And my blog isn't that good. I'm improving, I sometimes have a good post or maybe even an useful one. But I'm not A-List. At least not yet (Just joking)

And I keep saying that I write this for myself, but do I really? Or do I want people to stop by, read this and think: Here are some interesting thoughts, useful links and good insights?

I will continue to say I write this for myself until I have a dozen regular readers :-) But will it change my style or what I write about, if I know that people come here to read about X and not Y?

Let's see.

The future's bright. The future's blogging.

P.s.: Comments don't seem to work at the moment, at least for me. So, Elizabeth, I will make comments on your blog tomorrow.


Matt said...
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Matt said...

"Matthew makes the kind of blog I sometimes think I want to make. Cool gadgets. With his blog around, I think I should focus more on Software Development."
You can still write about gadgets if you enjoy that. Don't worry I'll save some gadget news for you if you need any!

If you are looking for more readers you may want to try Blog Explosion. The only problem is that although you can receive a lot of traffic, it does not always equate into dedicated readers.

Oh, and by trading links I meant putting each other in blogrolls but I didn't realize that you don't have a blogroll, so you don't have to worry about that.