Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm a flickr addict

Strike that, I hate flickr. The f$%^$%^g a#$%#$% from flickr deleted my account.
I became a total flickr addict. Why?
  • It's easy to participate
  • It's fun
  • It's easy to participate
  • You can find people who share your taste in photography
  • It's easy to participate
  • You can share pictures with your friends
  • It's easy to participate
  • Did I mention, that it is fun?
  • It's easy to track down all you comments and even fix spelling errors in them
  • You are not constantly force to log in and log out (Does this make flickr insecure? Don't know, but it makes it easy to participate)
  • The people who work for flickr are fun
  • They have a wonderful simplistic and intuitive web UI
  • They use tags, which don't use as much as I should. But tags are far better than any other classification you can make. File a car under Things->Cars->Volkswagen? But what if it is a old volkswagen on a scrap yard and you see a flower growing out of it? Nature->Plants->Flowers? Or both? Simply tag it "Volkswagen Flower". Voila, done.
  • You have your own address at flickr you can give other people. My screen name is t-mix and I choose the address
  • You even have a easy address for tags. You want all pictures tagged cat? Easy:
  • No need to have a account to browse the free pictures.
  • You are never ever hustled by the UI. The flickr staff has done its homework.
Now seriously, flickr is cool. And what the other sites don't get, that there is so much more than storing pictures. It's easy. You don't have to share the pictures with the world. If you don't want to, set them to private. It's easy. Keeping track of pictures and people you like. It's easy.

I only regred that I don't have digital camera at the moment, but that will change.

One more thing. I like flickr so much, that I have developed an idea for a web plattform myself. It is basically flickr, but with different content that pictures. You will have:

  • A Profile
  • Tags for the content
  • An easy way to add content (Most important)
  • An own address
  • Easy way to bookmark things like all content tagged with cat
  • No need to have a account to browse free content (Important)
  • Business modell? Not sure yet, but I go for google ads and some premium services, but everything essential should be free. This plattform will only work if people participate
What will be the content? Shhh, it is a secret, so I'm not telling.

Let's see if I pull this through. First step: Get into ZOPE.

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