Thursday, January 20, 2005

I want to live in flickr

Now if there is one place I could pick where I should live, I would pick flickr. It's like a magical place where everybody is your friend, you are invited into every livingroom, you can go to any country, visit any city, see a thousand sunsets a day and never get tired.

You can choose to live in a black and white world, you can choose the most beautiful colors ever seen.

Flickr is the window to a world I never get enough of even if I am sick and tired of the world arround me.

Fuck flickr, they deleted my account.


Girl said...

This „tired of the world around me“ you start to include me or not yet?

Girl said...

I forgot, :-)

t-mix said...

No, I would never include you in this.

Girl said...

I'm happy now.