Sunday, January 16, 2005

There is NO Revolution in Technology

That's how things go forward.

1. Somebody develops some brand new technology. Real tough work. After he's done, he marvels at it. He thinks it is a revolution, but he doesn't know what for and how to use it. (We call it "the mouse". Should we add more buttons? Lets put as many buttons on it as we have space there! Whats it good for? You can use it move a block around the screen. Other stuff. Well, honestly, I don't know.) As nobody else knows what to do with it either, nobody else thinks this is a revolution.

2. Somebody, years later, figures out how to use this new technology. Everybody sees this and thinks it it is a revolution. But is it? The thing has been lying around for years.

There is no revolution. Only a point where everybody suddenly realizes: "This is the new shit!"

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Girl said...

This history of "mouse" I know before and I thinked the same.