Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Microsoft first contact

After receiving an email from an MS recruiter, I got a phone call today. They already have the resume from me, but she wanted to gather some more data from me, before she would send these information to the program manager. It was basically some questions like do you look actively for work, are you still employed, why do you want to leave your current employer, why do you want to work for Microsoft, you seem to have an expertise in audio, how did you come to this. I guess I should have been a bit more active and leave out some "aehs" but I guess it was ok for first contact. Still I don't know if I hear any positive feedback. She promised that she would contact me Thursday the latest, even if there was no news, so I will see.

The only question that threw me a bit off track: "Do you want to add anything that is not in your resume?". I had to say no, but I guess that wasn't a problem.

What might be a problem, that she asked if I did any work in a specific area of algorithms, where I had to say no. So I guess she is looking for somebody with more specific experience in this area. I wouldn't mind doing it, but I guess if they find somebody more profound, the will go for him.

ps.: Boy, she could write VERY FAST in her computer what I was saying. Kind of strange that somebody types what you say. I felt overly important and it disturbed my concentration a bit.

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Girl said...

Really the first contact is always the same.

But you need trust more in you; you don’t know what they want. So, trust more.

In another opportunity, if you mind that you can work in algorithms say this. Working thinks that you don’t know you will have chance to discover.

Finally, it's good that she was typing the possibility to write something wrong is less.