Tuesday, January 18, 2005

No more English TV

Well, it had to happen. I had a device, which enabled me to watch TV in English language. Don't ask me what or how, I will not give any details.

Anyway, it enabled me to watch movies and series like "Office Space", "Friends", "CSI" and so on in Inglese.

Not anymore. It stopped working today. Pitty. Now I have only German TV and DVDs. As I'm boycotting DVDs and German TV brings almost nothing in English language, I feel a bit like on the dry.

On the bright side: I was looking forward to the day with the hope that I would watch less TV then. But since I started blogging, the internet more and more replaced TV, so my TV consum is pretty low already. Let's see how this develops.

So the last movie I have seen was Where Eagles Dare with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The last thing I have seen was CSI.


Girl said...

Congratulations to enter in my life.

I’m able to watch English TV but of course with subtitles. And I’m getting crazy for “Friends”, I should stop with this. Hum, I enjoy “ER” too.

Thefore I don't have this programs on TV, so it's not difficult to me watching less.

Dana S. said...

I feel for you, man. I truly do. Why don't you just buy the series' and movies online? Just use your Visa and go crazy at Bestbuy.com