Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Where did all the joy and wonder of creating software go?

"Tank, I need an exit.....Fast!", The Matrix

I am sick and tired. I can no longer maintain my current job. I have to quit.

I am trying to get a decent job. But I feel burned out. I am not able to write much code lately. I need a time out. I need an exit.

I have an exit. I will cut back on living cost. I will sell my car. I will rent out one room (Hello roomie!). And I will get a job like I did while I was at university: Work through an temporary employment agency like Adecco.

And I will start my own business. As part time only, but my own. I will have a day job I don't have to care about and develop software for my own personal satisfaction.

Haven't figured all out yet, but I need change and this is the kind of change I am looking for.

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Girl said...

I feel so much that I’m not closer.