Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A farewell to my Access Virus KC



Originally uploaded by http://www.flickr.com/people/tmix/ t-mix.

As I didn't make much music with my Virus Synthesizer I decided to sell it. It just wasn't meant to be.

So, before it collects anymore dust, I will sell it. While I prepared the auction on ebay, I played around a bit with Gimp. Simply by changing the color curves, I created this little picture. Black is still black, white is still white, but I pulled the dark gray to white and the light gray to dark. I like the way the knobs stand out and how they reflect in the "black" area.

I hope the new owner will make more music with it. My Virus deserves to be played :-)

And the auction is going well so far. I put it on eBay for 1 Euro and was afraid it might sell for only 350 Euro, but within 24 it has already reached 805 Euro. And it still runs for five days. Anything above 1000 Euro will be fine, if it reaches 1400 I will be really happy.

Goodbye old friend, may your future path lead you to good music.

I for my part will reinvest the money in a digital camera and do something I understand more: Taking pictures. I look forward to having a nice EOS-20D and a http://www.flickr.com/upgrade/ flickr pro account. Fuck flickr, they deleted my account.

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