Friday, December 31, 2004

Apple Rumors

These seem to be the current rumors about the next Apple products:
  • Tablet iBook
  • Flash-based iPod
  • 500$ Mac
  • Mobile Phone
  • Audio I/O Interface

Let's see what happens. I would like to see an Apple audio receiver. Something that is a mix between the Roku Soundbridge and an conventional AV receiver. Maybe with a harddisk for audio storage. But I don't know if they are even thinking about such a thing in Cupertino. They might, they are moving in this direction with the AirTunes. But I don't know if they see their strengh in that market/product space. If I could name one thing, Apple stands for, than it is focus. Focus on essential features, focus on good UI, focus on a improved user experience.

So why should they make a Audio I/O? They will make something, if they can do it better than anybody else. There are good and cheap I/O interfaces available. There are good and expensive ones available. What can Apple bring to the market, that isn't available? No, I don't really see an Apple I/O. But I could be wrong. Maybe there is something that Apple can improve with I/O.

Mobile Phone? Hell yes, that is something where Apple can improve. But only if the first iPhone isn't as big as brick and as heavy as a quarterpounder with chease. They could do a mobile phone with Motorola. Motorola has the hardware, Apple will make the software. This could work. Let's see.

500$ Mac. Hell Yes! Give it an optional 250 $ screen. Anybody that wants a hassle free solution will go for a iMac (or an iBook!). Anybody wanting to save money might go for the iCheap. Apple could increase its reach while it cuts cost by not supplying a monitor. Why not?

Flash? The only reason for flash for Apple would be to make a smaller iPod. Smaller than the iPod mini. They might do it. Look at the mobile phones. They got smaller all the time. There is still room for improvement. A small 2 GB iPod Flash micro for 219 $? Let's see.

Tablet iBook? iNewton? Now we are political. I would like to work with a tablet notebook for some time. See how it is to write and read blogs. Surf the net. Do stuff. Apple has tested tablet PCs, that is for sure. If they are an improvement, Apple will do it. Even if Steve Jobs is allergic to the Newton.

Let's see.

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