Wednesday, December 08, 2004

War, what is it good for?

Absolutly nothing.


Konservative Jay said...

Yes...after all, besides Fascism, Imperialism, Nazism, Slavery, and Communism, what has war solved? Dumbass.

t-mix said...
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t-mix said...

Yes I can see your point. I am very glad that the US have fought two world wars. I will not forget that. And if the US are involved in a war, nobody on the planet can have an interest, that the US loose this war.

And frankly, I think this war is needed. Not to get hold of the WMD (which is a lie). But this war is need in an effort to bring peace and democracy to the Iraq (After all, 40 years of US policy helped Saddam to get and to stay in power; so it is only fair, that the US clean up this mess).

But so far, the US military has only achieved one objective: To remove Saddam from power. This war has not helped to bring the oil prices down (which is in my opinion one hidden objective). This war hasn't brought peace and democracy to Iraq (or the region). And it certainly hasn't helped in the "war against terrorism".

So, tell me, my friend: What is THIS war good for?