Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Stop the Content Mafia

I just have enough. This content mafia has to be stopped.
  1. They are seriously screwing with the legal system. They let their lawyers fuck you over and YOU pay for it. They take away the freedom of speech and say its good for everybody. They take away creative expresion from artists and say they are protecting them. They hinder the access for universities to information.
  2. The quality of their product gets worse and the prices go up. They fuck the customers over with DRM. And at the same time, the artist gets less and less.
  3. The say they protect "IP" but they have build their empires on IP theft themselves. Disney is a good example. Take a disney film and try to make a parody on it like Steamboat Willie. Go ahead and hear the mighty lion roar. Or find out how US publishing stole books.
  4. They whine how bad P2P is for them (while their revenues go up!) instead of going to where the customers are.
I will no longer finance this.

I bought my first CD in 1991 and my first DVD in 1998. I currently own over 100 DVDs and over 200 CDs. I go to the cinema about once a month. So I spend 400 Euro a year to be fucked over by the content mafia and help them fuck other people over.

But I will stop doing that. I will no longer buy anything from a major label. I will (try) not (to) watch movies in cinemas. I will stop buying DVDs. Until one of the following happens:
  1. The kneel over and hear the sound of inevitability.
  2. They realize that treating artists and customers like shit is not a good buisiness model.
Go ahead, sue me for not buying.

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