Sunday, December 19, 2004

Organizing my blogs ...

... that is, the blogs I write.

My blogs serve a lot of functions:
  • I post links, thus the blogs I have serve as a sort of bookmark collection.
  • I want to practice English in this blog.
  • I want to see what I can do with the technology, that is available, like blogs and feeds.
  • I don't know, if I want to attract readers, but I wouldn't mind. I do this mainly for me. I don't even know any statistics from this blog. I got three comments from people not known to me personally, so some people stopped by. But I don't know if there are any regulars already :-)
I already made some observations so far.
  • You shouldn't mix languages in a blog. If you post once every while in the wrong language, its okay. But choose a language and stick with it. It might be no problem for you, but you will fail to attract any readers, if you mix languages constantly in one blog. The blog will become unreadable, even if you speak all the languages.
  • I think you should have one blog with content, and one blog with links, if you post a lot of links.
I am starting to read more German blogs and I want to post in German as well. This will leave me with at least four blogs... But wait I have three more:

I have one blog, which is quite clearly cut: The topic is cars and the language is German. The intended reader is only myself and maybe one or two friends. If it is any useful to anybody else, I would be glad. But I'm not counting on it. But still I hope, that anybody searching for a self-service car repair shops in Hamburg might be helped by me (As google is very thin on this topic). But google knows nothing about that blog and I don't have time to change this. If it should be indexed by google by accident, I would be glad, but I am not holding my breath. (I managed to get partially into google with this blog, but it wasn't a coordinated effort)

I am currently trying to find out, if I can use a blog to communicate with a friend in Brazil. Lets see how well this goes. It will be something that MSN Spaces is intended for. But I don't want to manage more accounts. I could go .NET passport and get everything from MSN, but I don't want a MSN Mail account. It would be nice to have something like .NET passport from google (wink, wink!) to manage blogger and GMail.

And than I have one private blog, which I haven't used lately, which is more like a scratch book.

So, you don't need to be Robert Scoble, to have several blogs.

p.s.: I even have some feeds from none blog sources. From flickr com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=95589137@N00&format=atom_03 and I could give you a feed from my newsgator account...


Girl said...

"I am currently trying to find out, if I can use a blog to communicate with a friend in Brazil."
And is this working?

t-mix said...

Yes, I like it.

And it is nice to find out, that other people are trying to replace email with blogs as well: