Friday, December 31, 2004

Why iTunes is five stars and WMP is not

I was thinking about giving WMP a try. But wait, no need to:
It really annoys me that after a song has been played through completely once in WMP10 that it automatically bumps the song from a 3 star rated song to a 4 star song. I think if it's played enough it automatically bumps it to a 5 star song. I hate this and wish there were an option to disable it. Frequently I'll get sidetracked, leave the house, etc. with my player still running and a bunch of songs that I end up not liking end up in the automatic 4 and 5 star playlist and it's a pain to try to manage this. Give the user an option to turn off this annoying feature.

That is REALLY ANNOYING. This one single point would stop me from using WMP. I don't care what other cool features it has. This make the rating unusable. A nice idea, that goes amok on my music library. IT IS REALLY MUCH WORK TO RATE YOUR MUSIC and I don't want anybody changing the rating I give a song without my consent. Make a automatic list title "underrated" and give the user to opportunity to change the rating by himself. Heck, in iTunes I can created these lists by myself.

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